The Outdoorsman, Incorporated

The Daylily Tour

The Mule   Stellas   Cut Plants
All aboard....
As we pull out, watch out for all of the stella potted up.
Freshly dug, washed and trimmed on the drying racks.
Daylilies Drying on The Rack
New Addition
The Garden
Plants drying on the racks
New addition to the garden.
Beds in the back yard.
Happy Returns  
Dale's Dig
  The nationally famous gardens
Look at what Dale dug up..
Our nationally famous daylily gardens
Sun Dial   Mary Deadheading Plants   Mountains of Color
The Sun Dial in the gardens
Mary Dead-Heading the Daylilies early in the morning
Come visit our gardens and see the mountains alive with color
The Dan'l Boone Inn Hearty Plants The nationally-famous daylily garden Mountain
The famous Dan'l Boone Inn sits across the street
You get authentic Mountain-Grown plants at The Outdoorsman
Your daylily plants come from our nationally-famous daylily gardens in the Appalachian Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina
Mulching the daylily gardens Come and see the natural wildlife at the gardens The end of another rewarding day at The Outdoorsman gardens
Mulching the gardens
We even have a small eco-system that has made our gardens home
Our beautiful sunsets at The Outdoorsman. We invite you to join us
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